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<p>You can easily connect with anyone from your school, create contact groups, see people online and communicate instantly.</p>
<p>Improves the learning school process through easy to use tools. "Mano dienynas" makes it easy to teach, to learn and to spread the information in the most effective way.</p>
<p>Our community keeps on growing and expanding internationally. "Mano dienynas" will be able to connect&nbsp;&nbsp;teachers, parents and students from any part of the world.</p>
<p>You can access "Mano dienynas", connect to your friends and use your stored documents from any computer with Internet access.</p>
<p>Anyone with basic computer and email knowledge can start using "Mano dienynas" .</p>
<p>"Mano dienynas" is available to all smart phones with Android and Apple OS. With mobile push notifications parents will be instantly informed about the important matters.</p>
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